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== External Links ==
== External Links ==
* [ Disk Cache], The Chromium Projects
[[Category:File Formats]]
[[Category:File Formats]]

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Cache files

The cache is stored in multiple:

Filename Description
index The index file
data_# Data block files
f_###### (Separate) data stream file

Cache address

The cache address is 4 bytes in size and consists of:

offset size value description
If file type is 0 (Separate file)
0.0 28 bits File number
The value represents the value of # in f_######
0.0 16 bits Block number
2.0 8 bits File number (or file selector)
The value represents the value of # in data_#
3.0 2 bits Block size
The number of contiguous blocks where 0 represents 1 block and 3 represents 4 blocks.
3.2 2 bits Reserved
3.4 3 bits File type
3.7 1 bit Initialized flag

File types

Value Description
0 (Separate) data stream file
1 (Rankings) block data file (36 byte block data file)
2 256 byte block data file
3 1024 byte block data file
4 4096 byte block data file
6 Unknown; seen on Mac OS X 0x6f430074


Value Description
0x00000000 Not initialized
0x8000002a Data stream file: f_00002a
0xa0010003 Block data file: data_1, block number 3, 1 block of size

Index file format (index)


  • File header
  • least recently used (LRU) data (or eviction control data)
  • index table

File header

  • TODO*

Data block file format (data_#)


  • File header
  • array of blocks

File header

  • TODO*

Data stream

See: gzip

See Also

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