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Interested in doing research in computer forensics? Looking for a master's topic, or just some ideas for a research paper? Here is our list. Please feel free to add your own ideas. Potential Sponsor, when present, indicates the name of a researcher who would be interested in lending support in the form of supervision or other resources to a project.

Tool Development

AFF Enhancement

AFF is the Advanced Forensics Format, developed by Simson Garfinkel and Basis Technology. The following enhancements would be very useful to the format:

  • Signing with X.509 or GPG keys data segments and metadata.
  • Encryption of data segments with an AES-256 key specified by a password
  • Encryption of the AES-256 key with a public key (and decryption with a corresponding private key)

Sponsor for these projects: User:Simsong Simson Garfinkel