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   maintainer = [[e-fense]]|
   maintainer = [[e-fense]]|
   os = {{Linux}}, {{Windows}}, {{Mac OS X}} |
   os = {{Linux}}, {{Windows}}, {{Mac OS X}} |
   genre = {{Live CD}} |
   genre = {{Live CD}}, {{Incident response}} |
   license = {{GPL}}, others |
   license = {{GPL}}, others |
   website = []  
   website = []  
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Free version: [[Helix3]]
Free version: [[Helix3]]
[[Category:Incident response tools]]

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Helix3 Pro
Maintainer: e-fense
OS: Linux,Windows,Mac OS X
Genre: Live CD,Incident Response
License: GPL, others

Helix3 Pro is a Live CD built on top of Ubuntu. It focuses on incident response and computer forensics.

Tools Included

Open source forensic tools include:

Other tools include:

Forensic Issues

  • Helix3 Pro can automount some storage devices like firewire devices and MMC in read/write mode;
  • Helix3 Pro relies on file system drivers to provide write protection, mounting some file system types (e.g. XFS) will result in several data writes to the original media.

See Also

Free version: Helix3