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Maintainer: IRS
OS: Windows
Genre: Analysis
License: EULA

ILook is an all-in-one computer forensics suite created by Elliot Spencer and currently maintained by the U.S. Department of Treasury Internal Revenue Service (IRS-CI) Criminal Investigation Division. It is available at no cost to law enforcement agencies and US government agencies. ILook is not available to the general public.

The ILook Investigator © Forensic Software is a comprehensive suite of computer forensics tools used to acquire and analyze digital media. ILook Investigator © products include ILook v8 forensic application and the IXimager which are both designed to follow forensics best practices.

File systems

iLook V8 currently identifies and supports:

Support for additional file systems is ongoing.

Search Facilities

  • Lists allocated and unallocated files.
  • Sorts files by type (signature and extension).
  • Searches for keywords.
  • Works with compressed zip files.

Searching Abilities

  • Searches for keywords.
  • Builds an index.

Hash Databases

Hashes and compares using custom hash sets as well as the Hashkeeper hash database and NIST hash library using MD5 and FIPS 180-2 compliant algorithms (e.g. SHA-1).

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