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Read or write supported formats:
Read or write supported formats:
* SMART .s01 (EWF-S01)
* SMART .s01 (EWF-S01)
* EnCase? .E01 (EWF-E01) and .Ex01 (EWF2-Ex01)
* EnCase .E01 (EWF-E01) and .Ex01 (EWF2-Ex01)
Read-only supported formats:
Read-only supported formats:

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Maintainer: Joachim Metz, David Loveall
OS: Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Mac OS X, Windows
Genre: Disk imaging
License: LGPL
Website: code.google.com/p/libewf/

Libewf is a library to access the Expert Witness Compression Format (EWF).

Read or write supported formats:

  • SMART .s01 (EWF-S01)
  • EnCase .E01 (EWF-E01) and .Ex01 (EWF2-Ex01)

Read-only supported formats:

  • Logical Evidence File (LEF) .L01 (EWF-L01) and .Lx01 (EWF2-Lx01)

Other features:

  • empty-block compression
  • read/write access using delta (or shadow) files
  • write resume


Libewf was created by Joachim Metz in 2006, while working for Hoffmann Investigations.

Libewf is a rewrite of earlier work on the EnCase 4 file format by Michael Cohen part of PyFlag and the Expert Witness Compression Format Specification by Andrew Rosen. It has been updated to read and write EnCase version 1 to 7 .E01 files, EnCase 5 to 7 .L01 files, EnCase 7 .Ex01 and .Lx01 files and SMART .s01 files. Libewf has initiated an Extended EWF (EWF-X) specifications to bypass limitations on the format imposed by the EnCase .E01 format.

In 2007 David Loveall contributed mount_ewf.py to the libewf project. This application allows a fuse based mount of the storage media data in the EWF files to be mounted. Due to repeated issues with the Python and the fuse Python-bindings on Mac OS X part of the functionality of these scripts has been rewritten into ewfmount.


The libewf package contains the following tools:

  • ewfacquire, which writes storage media data from devices and files to EWF files.
  • ewfacquirestream, which writes data from stdin to EWF files.
  • ewfexport, which exports storage media data in EWF files to (split) RAW format or a specific version of EWF files.
  • ewfinfo, which shows the metadata in EWF files.
  • ewfmount, which FUSE mounts EWF files.
  • ewfverify, which verifies the storage media data in EWF files.

The libewf package also contains the following bindings:

  • ewf.net, bindings for .Net
  • pyewf, bindings for Python contributed by David Collett in 2008

Provided as separate tools on the libewf project site:

  • mount_ewf.py, which allows the storage media data in a EWF files to be mounted, contributed by David Loveall in 2007.
  • libewf-java, Java (JNA) bindings were contributed by Bradley Schatz in 2009.
  • delphi imdisk proxy, Borland Delphi imdisk proxy, as an alternative to mount_ewf.py for Windows, contributed by Brendan Berney in 2010.
  • jlibewf, native Java EWF reader contributed by Bruce Allen in 2010.

A menu based interface for ewfacquirestream called pyEWF, contributed by Dennis Schreiber, was originally also available on the uitwisselplatform project site. However this is currently no longer maintained and was not moved to the sourceforge project size. The uitwisselplatform no longer exists. The name pyewf was reused for the libewf Python bindings created by David Collett which is now included in the libewf package.


Imaging a device on a Unix-based system:

ewfacquire /dev/sda

Imaging a device on a Windows system:

ewfacquire \\.\PhysicalDrive0

Converting a split RAW into an EWF image

ewfacquire split.raw.???


cat split.raw.??? | ewfacquirestream

Converting an optical disc (split) RAW into an EWF image (libewf 20110109 or later)

ewfacquire -T optical.cue optical.iso

Converting an EWF into another EWF format or a (split) RAW image

ewfexport image.E01

Exporting files from a logical image (L01)

ewfexport image.L01

FUSE mounting an EWF image (libewf 20110828 or later)

ewfmount image.E01 mount_point

FUSE mounting a logical image (L01) (libewf 20111016 or later)

ewfmount -f files image.L01 mount_point

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