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== Image types ==
There are multiple types of VMWare Virtual Disk Format (VMDK) data files:
* 2GbMaxExtentFlat (twoGbMaxExtentFlat); descriptor file (name.vmdk) with RAW data extent files (name-f###.vmdk). This image type is basically a [[Raw Image Format|split RAW image]].
* 2GbMaxExtentSparse (twoGbMaxExtentSparse); descriptor file (name.vmdk) with VMDK sparse data extent files (name-s###.vmdk)
== Descriptor file ==
The descriptor file defines how and where the data of the VMDK image is stored. The data is stored in extent data files.
== Extent file types ==
There are multiple types extent files:
* RAW data file
* VMDK sparse data file
* COWD sparse data file
== External Links ==
* [http://www.vmware.com/support/developer/vddk/vmdk_50_technote.pdf?src=vmdk Virtual Disk Format 5.0], by [[VMWare]]
[[Category:File Formats]]

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