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== Guidelines ==
# If on, leave on. If off, leave off.
# Collect and preserve other surrounding and related devices. Be especially careful to collect the power charger. The phone's battery will only last a certain amount of time. When it dies, much of the data on the device may go too!
# Plug the phone in, preferably in the evidence room, as soon as possible.
# Retain [[search warrant]] (if necessary - [[LE]]).
# Return device to forensic lab if able.
# Use [[forensically sound]] tools for processing.
== Notes ==
Expand on 5 as to what to collect:
* [[ESN]],
* [[IMEI]],
* [[Carrier]],
* Model Number,
* Color, and
* Other information related to [[Cell Phone]] and [[SIM Card]].
# Research the [[Cell Phone]]. Visit PhoneScoop.com for more information
== Links ==
*[http://www.PhoneScoop.com PhoneScoop.com]
*[http://www.mobileforensics.com MobileForensics.com]
*[http://www.SmartPhoneForensics.com SmartPhoneForensics.com]

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