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[[Internet Explorer]] stores the web browsing history in a file called <tt>index.dat</tt>. The file contains multiple records.
== File Locations ==
On Windows 9x, index.dat files can be found in <tt>%SystemRoot%\History</tt>. On Windows XP and above these files can be found in <tt>%SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\[Username]\Local Settings\History\History.IE6\</tt>.
== Record Formats ==
=== URL Records ===
These records indicate web pages that were actually viewed. They contain the requested URL and the web server's response. They begin with the header, in hexadecimal:
<pre>55 52 4C 20</pre>
The definition for the structure in C99 format:
<pre>typedef struct _URL_RECORD {
  /* 000 */ char        Signature[4];
  /* 004 */ uint32_t    Length;
  /* 008 */ uint64_t    LastModified;
  /* 010 */ uint64_t    LastAccessed;
  /* 018 */ uint32_t    Expires;
  /* 01c */
  // Not finished yet
} URL_RECORD;</pre>
This corresponds to the string <tt>URL</tt> followed by a space.
=== REDR Records ===
=== HASH Records ===
=== LEAK Records ===
== External Links ==
* [ IEHist program for reading index.dat files]
* [ What is in Index.dat files]
[[Category:File Formats]]

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