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Application IDs

AppID Application DescriptionDate AddedSource
89b0d939f117f75cAdobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended (32-bit)8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
26717493b25aa6e1Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 (32-bit)8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
e2a593822e01aed3Adobe Flash CS5 (32-bit)8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
c765823d986857baAdobe Illustrator CS5 (32-bit)8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
84f066768a22cc4fAdobe Photoshop CS5 (64-bit)8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
44a398496acc926dAdobe Premiere Pro CS5 (64-bit)8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
d5c3931caad5f793Adobe Soundbooth CS5 (32-bit)8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
c7a4093872176c74Paint Shop Pro Pinned and Recent.8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
b91050d8b077a4e8Media Center.8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
23646679aaccfae0Adobe Reader 9.8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
28c8b86deab549a1Internet Explorer 8 (32-bit)8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
918e0ecb43d17e23Notepad (32-bit)8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
9b9cdc69c1c24e2bNotepad (64-bit)8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
74d7f43c1561fc1eWindows Media Player 12 (32-bit)8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
b0459de4674aab56Windows Virtual PC - vmwindow.exe (32- and 64-bit)8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
6728dd69a3088f97Windows Command Processor - cmd.exe (64-bit)8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
954ea5f70258b502Windows Script Host - wscript.exe (32-bit)8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
9f5c7755804b850aWindows Script Host - wscript.exe (64-bit)8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
9839aec31243a928Microsoft Excel 2010 (32-bit)8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
9c7cc110ff56d1bdMicrosoft Powerpoint 2010 (32-bit)8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
a7bd71699cd38d1cMicrosoft Word 2010 (32-bit)8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
5c450709f7ae4396Firefox 3.6.13 (32-bit)8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
43578521d78096c6Media Player Classic Home Cinema 1.3 (32-bit)8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
e70d383b15687e37Notepad++ 5.6.8 (32-bit)8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
1b4dd67f29cb1962Explorer (task bar folder icon)8/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
1bc392b8e104a00eRemote Desktop8/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
23646679aaccfae0Adobe Reader 9 x648/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
271e609288e1210aAccess 2010 x868/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
28c8b86deab549a1Internet Explorer x868/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
290532160612e071WinRar x648/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
2b53c4ddf69195fcZune x648/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
3094cdb43bf5e9c2OneNote 2010 x868/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
5da8f997fd5f9428Internet Explorer x648/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
74d7f43c1561fc1eWindows Media Player8/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
9839aec31243a928Excel 2010 x868/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
9b9cdc69c1c24e2bNotepad x648/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
9c7cc110ff56d1bdPowerPoint 2010 x868/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
a7bd71699cd38d1cWord 2010 x868/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
b8c29862d9f95832InfoPath 2010 x868/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
b91050d8b077a4e8Windows Media Center x648/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
e36bfc8972e5ab1dXPS Viewer8/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
17d3eb086439f0d7TrueCrypt 7.0a8/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
c71ef2c372d322d7PGP Desktop 108/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
12dc1ea8e34b5a6 MSPaint 6.18/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
431a5b43435cc60bPython (.pyc)8/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
469e4a7982cea4d4? (.job)8/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
500b8c1d5302fc9c(.pyw)8/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
50620fe75ee0093 VMWare Player 3.1.48/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
65009083bfa6a094(app launched via XPMode)8/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
7e4dca80246863e3Control Panel (?)8/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
83b03b46dcd30a0eiTunes 108/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
b0459de4674aab56(.vmcx)8/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
1b4dd67f29cb1962Windows Explorer Pinned and Recent.8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
d7528034b5bd6f28Windows Live Mail Pinned and Recent.8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
cdf30b95c55fd785Microsoft Office Excel 20078/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
d64d36b238c843a3Microsoft Office InfoPath 2010 x868/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
be71009ff8bb02a2Microsoft Office Outlook x868/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
f5ac5390b9115fdbMicrosoft Office PowerPoint 20078/22/2011Win4n6 List Serv
adecfb853d77462aMicrosoft Office Word 2007 Pinned and Recent.8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum
a8c43ef36da523b1Microsoft Office Word 2003 Pinned and Recent.8/22/2011Microsoft Windows 7 Forum