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== Mailinglists ==
== Mailinglists ==
* [ SecurityFocus: Forensics] ('''''')
** [ SecurityFocus: Forensics in Spanish] ('''''')
* [ SecurityFocus: Binary Analysis] ('''''')
* [ SecurityFocus: LogAnalysis] ('''''')
* [ SecurityFocus: Real Cases] ('''''')
* [ SecurityFocus: Incidents] ('''''')
* [ SecurityFocus: Phishing and Botnets] ('''''')
* [ SecurityFocus: Honeypots] ('''''')
* [ TCT users] ('''''') - Are there any public archives of this list?
* [ Computer forensics tool testing] ('''''') - Are there any public archives of this list?
* [ MacIntosh OS: Forensics] ('''''') - The archive is only available to list members.
* [ Digital Forensic Science Mailing List] ('''''') - The archive is only available to list members.
* [ High Technology Crime Investigation Association Mailing List] - The HTCIA mailing list is for members only
* '''Computer Forensics Investigators Digest (CFID)''' - To join CFID listserv, one must meet the following criteria:
** Be a full-time member of either law enforcement or corporate security tasked with the investigations of high-technology crime and/or computer forensics.
** Not have ever worked for the defense in a criminal case (ethical defense work excepted on a case by case basis).
** Not be a primary vendor of forensic products (exceptions to this are personnel who retire and then offer their utility suites commercially).
: For subscription information, send request to jnj AT
* '''American Academy of Forensic Science Digital and Multimedia Forensics (AAFS-Digital&Multimedia)''' - The archive is only available to list members.
: This list focus is on those interested in Digital and Multimedia Forensics (as defined by SWGDE), and as a communications
: tool for those planning to join the Digital and Multimedia section forming in the AAFS. No restrictions on subscribers.
: Subscribe by sending an email to with message body containing SUBSCRIBE AAFS-DIGITAL-MULTIMEDIA-LIST.

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There are multiple mailing lists which are related to computer forensics.