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This is the Forensics Wiki, a Creative Commons-licensed wiki devoted to information about digital forensics (also known as computer forensics). We currently list a total of 870 pages.

Much of computer forensics is focused on the tools and techniques used by investigators, but there are also a number of important papers, people, and organizations involved. Many of those organizations sponsor conferences throughout the year and around the world. You may also wish to examine the popular journals and some special reports.

Selected Forensics Research


Linux for computer forensic investigators: «pitfalls» of mounting file systems (Russian version), Suhanov Maxim, 2009

The paper opens discussion about building forensically sound Live CD distributions based on Linux. Problems described:

  • Common misconceptions about "-o ro" mount option (is it forensically sound?);
  • Bugs in many forensic Live CDs that alter the data on evidentiary media.

Denis Frati (CAINE developer) wrote an excellent review (Italian) of the bug found in Casper scripts.

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