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This is the Forensics Wiki, a Creative Commons-licensed wiki devoted to information about digital forensics (also known as computer forensics). We currently list a total of 860 pages.

Much of computer forensics is focused on the tools and techniques used by investigators, but there are also a number of important papers, people, and organizations involved. Many of those organizations sponsor conferences throughout the year and around the world. You may also wish to examine the popular journals and some special reports.

Selected Forensics Research

JAN-2010 Using Graphics Processors for Parallelizing Hash-based Data Carving, by Sylvain Collange, Marc Daumas, Yoginder S. Dandass, and David Defour, Proceedings of the 42nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences - 2009.


The ability to detect fragments of deleted image files and to reconstruct these image files from all available fragments on disk is a key activity in the field of digital forensics. Although reconstruction of image files from the file fragments on disk can be accomplished by simply comparing the content of sectors on disk with the content of known files, this brute-force approach can be time consuming.

This paper presents results from research into the use of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) in detecting specific image file byte patterns in disk clusters. Unique identifying pattern for each disk sector is compared against patterns in known images. A pattern match indicates the potential presence of an image and flags the disk sector for further in-depth examination to confirm the match. The GPU-based implementation outperforms the software implementation by a significant margin.

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