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Founded in 1999 by a team of highly experienced telecom and mobile telephony professionals, Cellebrite is a global company known for its technological breakthroughs in the cellular industry. Wireless Retailers

The pioneers in mobile phone to phone content transfer, today Cellebrite provides a complete range of solutions for the mobile retail industry, from stand-alone content transfer at the POS to OTA applications for subscriber content management.

With proven ability to impact sales of phones, upgrades, and services, Cellebrite customers include the world’s largest mobile operators and deployments by more than 140 major carriers. Mobile Forensics

Building on its expertise in mobile data technology, in 2007, Cellebrite introduced a new line of products targeted to the mobile forensics industry.

Cellebrite’s solution enables extraction and analysis of evidentiary data from more than 3,000 mobile phones and GPS devices.

The most complete mobile forensics experience available on the market today, Cellebrite technology is in use by military, law enforcement, and government agencies across the world.

Cellebrite is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Sun Corporation, a listed Japanese company (6736/JQ).

-- Universal Forensic Extraction Device

  • Logical and physical data extraction
  • Supports more than 3000 handset models
  • Standalone kit - portable and easy to use