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Although not strictly for forensic purposes, visualization tools such as the ones discussed here can be very useful for visualizing large data sets. As forensic practitioners need to process more and more data, it is likely that some of the techniques implemented by these tools will need to be adopted.

Open Source Visualization Toolkits

The Visualizaiton Toolkit
C++ multi-platform with interfaces available for Tcl/Tk, Java and Python. Professional support provided by Kitware.
Graphviz and Neato
Originally developed by the AT&T Information Visualization Gorup, designed for drawing connected graphs of nodes and edges. Neato is a similar system but does layout based on a spring model. Can produce output as PostScript, PNG, GIF, or as an annotated graph file with the locations of all of the objects---ideal for drawing in a GUI. Runs from the command line on Unix, Windows and Mac, although there is also a MacOS GUI version.
Based on IBM's Visualizaiton Data Explorer, runs on Unix/X/Motif.

A Java component library for interactive and collaborative visualization.

Commercial Tools

Geographical, Visualization and Graphics software. Runs on Windows.
3D Nature
Landscape visualization software

Other Resources

Information Visualization Journal