Oxygen Forensic Suite 2

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Current version
Version Number: 1.6
Date Released: 12 February 2009
Recent changes
  • Added Web browsers cache analyzer
  • Added support for 200+ Samsung phones
Event log
LifeBlog with GPS mapping
File Browser with Hex viewer
Sample report

More screenshots ...

Oxygen Forensic Suite 2 is a mobile forensic software for logical analysis of cell phones, smartphones and PDAs developed by Oxygen Software. The suite can extract device information, contacts, calendar events, SMS messages, event logs, and files. In addition, the vendor claims the suite can extract metadata related to the above. As of October 2008 the suite supported more than 1,300 devices, including Nokia, Vertu, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, Panasonic, Siemens, HTC, HP, E-Ten, Gigabyte, i-Mate and other mobile phones. The suite also supports devices running Symbian OS.

Forensic Soundness

The suite access devices without using standard protocols like AT, OBEX or SyncML Template:Fact. Instead users must install an Agent to the device. Of course, installing software onto the device being examined will impact the forensic soundness of the investigation. If such information is not obtainable by other means and the impact is documented, it may still be admissible under the Best Evidence Rule.

Previous Names

Oxygen Forensic Suite was previously marketed as "Oxygen Phone Manager II"

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