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* [ Adobe PDF Reference]
* [ Adobe PDF Reference]
* [ Wikipedia: PDF]
* [ Wikipedia: PDF]
* [ Portable Document Format: An Introduction for Programmers], MacTech Magazine, Volume 15, (1999), Issue 9
=See Also=
=See Also=

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The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a proprietary document format from Adobe Inc. It is widely available on the web.


Each file begins with the string %PDF. Each block ends with the letters EOF, but there can be multiple EOF's in a single file (this often confuses programs like foremost that search for footers).


The metadata (or parts of it) can be extracted with pdfinfo, a utility which is part of the xpdf package.

Embedded Objects

You can use pdfimages, part of the xpdf, to extract all of the images out of a PDF file and put each in its own file.

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