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   name = Photo Investigator (PI) |
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   maintainer = [[Daniel Anderson]] |

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Photo Investigator (PI)
Maintainer: Daniel Anderson
OS: Template:IOS
Genre: Analysis
License: Template:Freeware
Website: Photo Investigator

The Photo Investigator (PI) is a free image forensic iOS App distributed on the iOS App Store. It specializes in the analysis and removal of all digital photograph metadata.


The Photo Investigator can read all image formats and view all the photo metadata.

It is best known for viewing the photo GPS location. Scrolling through the devices images, an image will have an overlayed globe if GPS metadata is saved within the photo. Full EXIF, IPTC, XMP, TIFF, and other forms of metadata are visible, which may include the photo location, camera's serial number, camera's software, camera hardware, and other settings and information.

Other Features

The Photo Investigator interface is optimized for quick inspection of photos, including a full screen zoom mode.

External Links

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