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==File Systems Understood==
==File Systems Understood==
See: [[Sleuthkit]]
==File Search Facilities==
==File Search Facilities==

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Maintainer: Michael Cohen, David Collett
OS: Linux,Web-based
Genre: Analysis
License: GPL
Website: sourceforge.net/projects/pyflag/

PyFlag is a web-based, database-backed forensic and log analysis GUI and Computer forensics framework written in Python. PyFlag stores disk images in numerous file formats, including raw, sgzip, AFF, and EnCase format.


File Systems Understood

See: Sleuthkit

File Search Facilities

  • Lists allocated and unallocated files.
  • Sorts files by type.
  • Searches for keywords.
  • Works with compressed zip files.

Historical Reconstruction

Can it build timelines and search by creation date?

  • Creates a "case file".

Searching Abilities

  • Searches for keywords.
  • Builds an index.

Hash Databases

Evidence Collection Features


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