List of Volatility Plugins

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The Volatility Framework was designed to be expanded by plugins. Here is a list of the published plugins for the framework. Note that these plugins are not hosted on the wiki, but all on external sites.

Command Shell

  • volshell - Creates a python shell can be used with the framework.

Malware Detection

  • malfind - Automates the process of finding and extracting (usually malicious) code injected into another process

Data Recovery

  • cryptoscan (By Jesse Kornblum) - Finds TrueCrypt passphrases
  • moddump (By [Moyix) - Dump out a kernel module (aka driver)
  • Registry tools (By Moyix) - A suite of plugins for accessing data from the registry, including password hashes, LSA secrets, and arbitrary registry keys.
  • getsids (By Moyix) - Get information about what user (SID) started a process.
  • ssdt (By Moyix) - List entries in the system call table. Can be used to detect certain rootkits that hook system calls by replacing entries in this table.
  • threadqueues (By Moyix) - Enumerates window messages pending for each thread on the system. Window messages are the mechanism used to send things like button presses, mouse clicks, and other events to GUI programs.
  • objtypescan (By Andreas Schuster) - Lists open files by enumerating the _FILE_OBJECT structure. (Note: If running the SVN version of Volatility, just install the plugin file from this archive)
  • keyboardbuffer (By Andreas Schuster) - Extracts keyboard buffer used by the BIOS, which may contain BIOS or disk encryption passwords.
  • mutantscan (By Andreas Schuster) - Extracts mutexs from the Windows kernel
  • symlinkobjscan (By Andreas Schuster) - Extracts symbolic link objects from the Windows kernel
  • driverscan (By Andreas Schuster) - Scan for kernel _DRIVER_OBJECTs.
  • fileobjscan (By Andreas Schuster) - File object -> process linkage, including hidden files.
  • malfind (By Michael Hale Ligh) - Find and extract hidden and/or injected code.

Process Enumeration

  • suspicious (By Jesse Kornblum) - Identify "suspicious" processes. This version counts any command line running TrueCrypt or any command line that starts with a lower case drive letter as suspicious.

Output Formatting

  • pstree - Produces a tree-style listing of processes
  • vol2html - Converts volatility output to HTML. Not technically a plugin, but useful nonetheless.