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Using signature headers to determine if an email has been forgedVMWare Virtual Disk Format (VMDK)VMWare from hard drive images
VMwareVPNVarious Methods to Disassemble DEX Files
VendorsVideo DevicesVincent Liu
VinettoVirtual Disk Image (VDI)
Virtual Hard Disk (VHD)Virtual machineVista thumbcache
Visualization BibliographyVisualizing Email
Visualizing Web HistoryVizSecVnconfig
Volatile SystemsVolatility Framework
WarrantWeb Browser HistoryWeb Historian
WebsitesWebtracerWetStone Technologies
WetStone Technologies, Inc.Wetstone
WiebetechWiki Advice for unexperienced usersWiki Syntax Guidance
WinDDWinFEWindow Washer
WindowsWindows 7Windows 8
Windows 9x Registry File (CREG)Windows Application CompatibilityWindows Desktop Search
Windows Encrypted File SystemWindows Event Log (EVT)Windows File History
Windows Forensic ToolchestWindows Imaging File Format (WIM)Windows Job File Format
Windows Media Player Database ExtractorWindows Memory Analysis
Windows NT Registry File (REGF)Windows Prefetch File Format
Windows RegistryWindows Registry XMLWindows Shadow Volumes
Windows Storage SpacesWindows SuperFetch FormatWindows Vista
Windows XML Event Log (EVTX)
Wireless SecurityWireless forensicsWireshark
Word Document (DOC)Word Document (DOCX)
Write BlockersWuala
X-Ways AGXbox
YAFFSYAFFS2Yahoo! Mail Header Format
ZFSZeitgeistZero storage carving
ZipZombies and Botnets: Setup-Investigate-ShutdownZune