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Steganography is a science that pertains to the art of concealing data in a communication in such a way that only the sender and receiver know of its existance and method of access. The platform used for transmission can be anything from a paper document to a digital file. Additionally, it is more common than not to encrypt the hidden data whenever possible such as with digital files or images.

External links


  • Steganography Analysis and Research Center The Steganography Analysis and Research Center is a Center of Excellence within Backbone Security focused exclusively on steganography research and development of steganalysis products and services.

Algorithm and Tools

  • An excellent resource for freeware/shareware steganography application downloads.

Digital Invisible Ink Toolkit is a Java steanography tool that hides any file in a JPEG.

Hide In Picture is an open source stegnographic tool.

M5, by Andreas Westfeld, is both a steganographic tool and algorithm. It hides information in JPEGs. An attack was developed by Jessica Fridrich, Miroslav Goljan, and Dorin Hogea. Information can be found at .

Publimark hides text in audio files.