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'''Note:''' We're trying to use the same [[tool template]] for all devices. Please use this if possible.
; [[BackTrack]]
; [[Matriux]]
; [[CAINE Live CD]]
; [[DEFT Linux]]
; [[FCCU Gnu/Linux Boot CD]]
; [[grml]]
; [[Helix3]] ([[Helix3 Pro]])
; [[MacQuisition Boot CD]]
; [[Masterkey Linux]]
; [[PlainSight]]
; [[Recovery Is Possible]]
; [[SAFE Boot Disk]]
: The first and only commercially available forensically sound Windows Boot disk.
: Includes built-in driver support, access to the NTFS file system and built-in software write blocking.
; [[SMART Linux]]
: Two [[Live CD | Live CDs]] built on top of [[Slackware]] and [[Ubuntu]]. Includes [[SMART]] and other forensic tools.
; [[SPADA]]
; [[WinFE|Windows Forensic Environment (aka WinFE, Windows FE)]]
== Out of date Live CDs ==
; [[Knoppix STD]]
; [[Penguin Sleuthkit]]
; [[SNARL]]
==See Also==
* [[:Category:VMWare Appliances]]

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