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The '''DoD Cyber Crime Center''', or '''DC3''', is a Department of Defense organization run by the [[Air Force Office of Special Investigations]]. The center consists of four divisions:
* [[Defense Computer Forensics Lab]] (DCFL)
* [[Defense Computer Investigations Training Academy]] (DCITA)
* [[Defense Cyber Crime Institute]] (DCCI)
* Futures Exploration (FX)
== Events ==
The DC3 sponsors an annual [[Conferences|conference]], the DoD Cyber Crime Conference. They also run an annual forensics contest, the [[DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge]]. The winner of the challenge receives a free trip to the DoD Cyber Crime Conference.
== History ==
The DC3 was formed in 2001 when the newly created DCCI was merged with the existing DCFL and DCITA (at the time called the Defense Computer Investigations Training Program (DCITP).
== External Links ==
* [http://dc3.mil/ Official website]
* [http://www.dodcybercrime.com/ DoD Cyber Crime Conference website]
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