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The '''DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge''' is an annual forensics contest sponsored by the [[Defense Cybercrime Center]].
== 2007 ==
At the 2007 DoD Cybercrime conference, the DC3 staff said there would be another challenge in 2007 and gave a timetable for it. As of 25 Feb 2007 no new details have been announced.
== 2006 ==
The 2006 challenge was the first sponsored by the DC3. Entrants were asked to solve puzzles in Audio Steganography, Steganography using S-Tools, Password Cracking, Image Analysis: Real vs. CG, Data Carving: Linux LVM Interpretation, Data Acquisition: Boot a dd Image, Data Acquisition: Boot a Split dd Image, Media Recovery: Compact-disc, Media Recovery: Floppy Diskette, Keylog Cracking, and Metadata Extraction.
One hundred and forty teams requested challenge packets, but only 21 teams submitted entries. The winning team, announced on 15 Dec 2006, was [[AccessData]]. They won a free trip to the [[Defense Cybercrime Center|DC3's]] annual [[Conferences|conference]] in St. Louis, MO in January 2007. They presented a complete solution at the conference.
Challenge submissions were broken down by academic, civilian, commercial, military, and government entrants. International teams from Australia, Canada, France, and India all requested packets, but were not elligble to win.
== External Links ==
* [http://www.dc3.mil/challenge/ Official web site]

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