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; [[Pasco]]
; [[Pasco]]
: Parses ''index.dat'' files.
: Parses ''index.dat'' files.
; [[Galleta]]
; [[Galleta]]

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Image Analysis

SurfRecon LE rapid image analysis tool by SurfRecon, Inc.

Closed Source Tools

Examines the INFO2 file in the Recycle Bin.
Parses index.dat files.
Parses cookie files.

Open Source Tools

The file command determines the file type of a given file, depending on its contents and not on e.g. its extension or filename. In order to do that, it uses a magic configuration file that identifies filetypes.
List dynamic dependencies of executable files.
Solaris tool used to trace the system/library calls (not user calls) and signals made/received by a new or existing process. It sends the output to stderr.
Library call tracer.
System Call Tracer.
eXtended trace utility, similar to strace, ptrace, truss, but with extended functionality and unique features, such as dumping function calls (dynamically or statically linked), dumping call stack and more.
Enables kernel process tracing on OpenBSD.
Executes a program under emulation, performing analysis according to one of the many plug-in modules as desired. You can write your own plug-in module as desired.
Comprehensive dynamic tracing framework for Solaris (also ported to MacOS X - XRays and FreeBSD). DTrace provides a powerful infrastructure to permit investigation of the behavior of the operating system and user programs.
Strings will print the strings of printable characters in files. It allows choosing different charactersets (ASCII, UNICODE). It is a quick way to browse through files/partitions/... in order to look for words, filenames, keywords etc.
The Open Computer Forensics Architecture
MS Windows Recycle Bin INFO2 parser
MS IE cookie file parser
Extracts the 'encrypted' info in Yahoo Instant Messenger log files.
Determines the file type using file header/footer (hachoir-metadata --type), able to list strings in Unicode (hachoir-grep), etc. Support more than 60 file formats.
Linux like environment for Windows.
Common unix utilities compiled for a Windows environment.
Common GNU utilities compiled for a Windows Environment.
Microsoft Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications.

File Sharing Analysis Tools

P2P Marshal
Tools to discover and analyze peer-to-peer files for Windows.

NDA and scoped distribution tools