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== Memory Analysis Frameworks ==
== Memory Analysis Frameworks ==
* [[Volatility Framework]] - A complete framework for analyzing Windows XP Service Pack 2 memory images.
* [[Volatility Framework]] - A complete framework for analyzing Windows, Linux and Mac OSX memory images.
* [ Second Look] from [ Pikewerks Corporation] - A toolset (GUI/CLI/API) for the analysis of Linux memory images, for information assurance, forensics, incident response, and reverse engineering.
* [ WindowsSCOPE Pro, Ultimate] - Comprehensive toolkit for the capture and analysis of Windows physical and virtual memory targeting cyber analysis, forensics/incident response, and education. Software and hardware based acquisition with [    CaptureGUARD PCIe and ExpressCard].
* [ WindowsSCOPE Live] live fetch and analysis of Windows computers on a network from Android smartphones and tablets.
* [[Second Look]] from [ Raytheon Pikewerks Corporation] - provides Linux memory forensics, including acquisition and analysis.
== Browser Email Memory Tool ==
== Browser Email Memory Tool ==

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The following tools can be used to conduct memory analysis.

Memory Analysis Frameworks

Browser Email Memory Tool

  • pdgmail is a python script to extract gmail artifacts from memory images. Made for images extracted with pdd, but works with any memory image.

Instant Messenger Memory Tool