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The following information is from a bio I use regularly - in addition, I've become increasingly interested in complex databases - in the context of litigation and intelligence-gathering and analysis - and various forms of digital and technological forensics (including animation, simulation, photogrammetry). Which is not to say that I'm an expert in any of those areas.j

From 2005 to 2008, Jonathan Soroko was a member of team conducting discovery in September 11th-related litigation for a leading aviation defense firm, conducting analyses of classified and unclassified documents. He was responsible for supervising a number of sensitive projects, legal analysis of certain claims, using GIS software to create data maps of the attacks, and using the CaseMap suite (in particular, TimeMap) to create chronologies of certain data sets. His recent pro bono activities have been, inter alia, on behalf of the Disaster Accountability Project (, creating the Disaster Best Practices wiki (, and creation of the blog Popular Logistics. (, and more recently, Mr. Soroko was senior manager and counsel with a leading international investigative consulting firm. His responsibilities included training junior personnel in on-line research, investigative analysis, the identification and retrieval of state and federal government records, and surveillance. In addition he was responsible for recruiting investigators and experts; managing large-scale and sensitive assignments which have included public and private sector monitorships (IPSIG assignments), pretrial investigations in widely publicized matters, locating assets, service of process on parties attempting to evade service, internal investigations, and securities law compliance investigations. Mr. Soroko’s work has included investigations of corporate espionage, kickback schemes, fraud, embezzlement, theft of trade secrets, money-laundering, large-scale insurance fraud, white-collar defense, pension fraud, stock manipulation, securities compliance, murder, missing-persons inquiries. His investigations have led to acquittals and dismissals of criminal charges against those wrongfully accused and convictions of those whose conduct injured or threatened to injure his clients. Mr. Soroko successfully located and served Radavan Karadzic, in war-crimes litigation brought on behalf of victims of the Serbian government. Mr. Soroko served for five years as a prosecutor in New York City and in the Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor. He worked both as appellate counsel and trial counsel, investigated homicides and managed investigations into mid- and high-level drug trafficking organizations. Mr. Soroko is a graduate of Bard College and New York Law School, where he was a member of the Law Review. His articles have been published in The Nation and The Hofstra Law Review.

(917) 617-1806 (mob)

1110 Caton Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11218 (718) 284-4039 (home)