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UMPC (Ultra-Mobile-PC) is a specification for a smaller version of tablet PC. Major uses for the device are Internet access and media playback. The device also provides the similar functionality of a regular laptop or desktop PC.

Internet Access

UMPC are able to access internet via WiFi or Ethernet and utilize the Internet to provide access to email, Instant Messaging and VoIP.

Operating System

UMPC uses a standand Microsoft Windows XP Tablet operating system. However, all UMPC's will be capable of running most PC operating system.


Processor: 900 MHz Intel Celeron M; Intel Pentium M; VIA C7-M
RAM: 256 MB - 1 GB
Hard disk drive: 30 - 160 GB


  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Ehternet
  • TV tuner
  • memory card reader
  • stereo speakers
  • fingerprint readers