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== Why & Where ==
I'm interested to see how forensicswiki.org will grow. I own & operate [http://www.aeicomputertech.com AEI Computer Tech], a [http://www.aeiforensics.com Forensic] & [http://www.aeidownloads.com IT-based] company.
== Important Links ==
[http://www.aeicomputertech.com/forensics_definitions.php Forensic & Technical Definitions]
[http://www.aeicomputertech.com/forensics_file_signatures.php Known File Header Library]
[http://www.aeicomputertech.com/forensics_mail_header_info.php Mail Header Instructions]
[http://www.aeicomputertech.com/forensics_ports.php Known System Ports]
[http://www.aeicomputertech.com/forensics_resources.php Forensic Resources & Articles]
[http://www.aeicomputertech.com/forensics_tools.php Forensic Tools: Free, Commercial, & Government]

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