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   genre = [[Windows Memory Analysis]] |
   genre = [[Windows Memory Analysis]] |
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   license = {{GPL}} |
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   website = [http://komoku.com/forensics/forensics.html komoku.com] |

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Maintainer: AAron Walters and Nick Petroni
OS: Windows
Genre: Windows Memory Analysis
License: GPL
Website: komoku.com

The Volatools suite is a set of tools by Komoku for conducting memory analysis. The current version, Volatools Basic, can process images from Windows XP Service Pack 2 systems. A forthcoming version Volatools Professional should be able to process images from more platforms. Although the Volatools are written in Python and are therefore cross-platform, they require the Pykvm library that is only available for Windows.


Although the Volatools suite is licensed under the GPL, much of its functionality is contained in a separate closed source library, Pykvm. This library is licensed under a separate agreement.


Volatools Basic was first released at the Blackhat Federal conference in February 2007. The professional version and an acquisition product, Komoku Acquisition Suite are scheduled to be released in 2007.

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