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Steganography Investigator Training [1]

Steganography Investigator Training is an intense two-day course designed to provide students with a complete understanding of the threat posed by the use of steganographic technologies in the current digital environment, and the tools to help mitigate that threat. The course will discuss the steganography tools used by criminals exploiting children, terrorists, and crime organizations. Students will learn how suspects create covert communication channels and how disgruntled employees can easily transmit proprietary information outside the company. Students also learn how to conduct a complete steganography investigation. Stages from steganography suspicion to detection, analysis, cracking, and finally to possible recovery of the hidden information are presented both in lecture and lab environments.

Is Steganography Really a Threat?

In the last decade, the technology for digitally manipulating image, video, and audio data has advanced tremendously, resulting in the ability to rapidly hide information in binary data files. Numerous web sites offer “stego” programs free for downloading and it often does not require any type of identification. It is no longer correct to assume that those suspects using steganography are advanced. As it become easier and easier to obtain tools to create such messages, we are finding a broader base of users. The potential for industrial espionage, trade secret theft, cyber weapon exchange, and criminal coordination are boundless.

Who Should Attend?

▫ Criminal Investigators
▫ Local, state and federal law enforcement
▫ Private investigators
▫ IT security professionals
▫ Security auditors

Skills Learned

Upon completion of the course, students will have gained knowledge in the fundamentals of the steganography investigation process.

▫ Identification of steganography programs 
▫ Image analysis and characteristics 
▫ Steganography embedding tools
▫ Evidence extraction
▫ Identify digital carrier files

Our trainers take you inside the minds of today’s criminals. Students completeing the class will be able to execute a full investigation in the respective discipline. Participants’ proficiency in the above skills will be tested with certification exams.

Contact Information:

1-877-WETSTONE ext 2

www.wetstonetech.com [2]