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February 2009

'...Your changes to Cellebrite UFED were contrary to the nature of this wiki. The objective nature of the wiki precludes your posting of press-release quality material. I have reverted the changes and protected the page against further updates. Jessek 14:40, 17 February 2009 (UTC)...'

With all your years of experience and study you have Jesse, I would have thought that you would have worked out more diplomatic ways of find out information than to delete my entire entry - and then block me from my own page.

1. How is the page contrary when it is based on the existing .XRY page?

2. How is anything i wrote 'pre-release' if it has been released?

I'm sorry you feel I was undiplomatic, that was not my intention. The text you posted was not 'wikified.' Wikified text means paragraphs, not just a list of bullets. It is general Wiki policy to avoid lists of bullets in favor of paragraphs of text. The .XRY page also needs to be wikified and I will take care of that shortly. (There are in fact several pages that need to be wikified. Your help in updating them would be greatly appreciated!) As for 'press-release' text (not pre-release), I meant that your language did not keep to a neutral point of view. Words like 'unique' and 'cost-effective' come off sounding like an advertisement. Although we don't have a formal policy like Wikipedia's NPOV, we are trying to keep articles neutral and unbiased. Finally, I did not block access to your page, User:Vicpirate. Cellebrite UFED is our page; it belongs to everybody on the wiki. Jessek 02:39, 18 February 2009 (UTC)