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Tim stumbles around in many arenas of computer science. Digital Forensics is one of them. He is currently aspiring to obtain the academic 'three magic letters' to put after his name.

Tim is not a lawyer as does not play one on TV, but he is pretty good finding stuff via Google and in a slight effort to justify why he is qualified to post: he has an BS/MS in CS, holds some relevant certs like EnCE / CISSP / Sec+, and has taught Forensics at the University Level / For Guidance / for AccessData.

After a brief foray into the blogging a few years ago, Tim decided that blogging was not for him. He does occasionally post on various other peoples blogs/wikis under various handles (tvidas is the most unobfuscated).

You can reach Tim fairly quickly through givqnf@tznvy.pbz (ROT13 encoded -